Apr. 26th, 2017

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Как понять, что вы имеете дело с настоящим пехотинцем:

As light infantrymen we initially did little mounted patrolling. In the train up prior to deployment, we knew we would have some trucks, but the extent to which we would have to use them was definitely unknown. Conducting combat operations in up-armored HMMWVs (UAHs) required skills that my paratroopers did not have, but as is the way of the paratrooper we adapted quickly and became very proficient. The first of those skills that we needed to learn was proficiency with heavy weapons, especially the M2.50 caliber machine gun. Only a handful of my men who had been in antitank platoons had ever used them. It is the main weapon we use when conducting mounted operations. We learned as we went and spent a lot of time and ammunition on the forward operating base (FOB) range. We also incorporated the MK-19 into our operations. Most of my sector is fiat, open desert, and this weapon is great for reaching out and touching the enemy when they shoot at you from 800-plus meters. Soldiers need to become proficient with these vital crew-served weapons under as many conditions of employment as possible prior to their first combat mission; they should not be getting their first exposure to equipment during combat operations. You need to train on this equipment at home station. If you are light infantry, beg, borrow, steal--get it done. If you can get four turtle shells for the company to pass around and train on, then great--that's the first step.

Lessons from Iraq: an infantry platoon leader's thoughts on OIF operations, 1LT Brendan Hagan, 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Он понимает, что:
1. Армия бросит его выполнять задачу, к которой его люди не готовились, на оборудовании, которое его люди не учились использовать.
2. При этом Армия не предоставит ему ресурсов на подготовку, и поэтому
3. Эту проблему надо решать самостоятельно - beg, borrow, steal--get it done. Клянчи, одолжи, улыбни - но сделай.

Вообще умом-то я понимаю, что обычный командир взвода США в Infantry Magazine писать не станет. Но тем не менее, средний уровень авторов не может не впечатлять.


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